30 November, 2022

DokuFest has launched ‘DOCS at DokuFest’, a programme that provides online streamings of the films produced by DokuFest’s Film Production Lab since 2013. The Film Production Lab is a training program that fosters creative documentary filmmaking through practical exercises in storytelling, while familiarizing young people with the concept of active citizenship, human rights and democratic values. This program guides and encourages young people to take action and be active agents for social change through storytelling and filmmaking. With it the films done by the youth since the establishment of DokuLab, have given us the opportunity to form a bridge with the young voices of Kosovo through film. Documentaries that range from that of explorations of communities such as that of the Dervish religious group in the film ‘Hu’ to exploring toxic masculinity and the ways it affects Kosovo’s young men in ‘Burre’, all serve as a window into what young people are interested in this day and age. 

A special end of the year treat, the films will be streaming each Thursday, starting from 1 December at 15:00 and 19:00,  HU - “to gods and men”,  a film by Leart Rama,  Lucian Casu, Aleksandra Jovanovska, Leonard Matei, Quentin Laurent about the dervish community a religious group who push the limits to what is seemingly possible.

Films that will stream online will be posted on our social media platforms each week.