My World in Yours (Jenifer Malmqvist, 2019)

My World in Yours is a complicated love story, in an impossible situation. Malmqvist’s latest release begins with an intimate moment between Stella (Amina Szecsödy Olsson) and Sham (Hanine Smith). They are a couple, but Sham hasn’t told Stella about her legally lukewarm status as an asylum seeker. Nor her Palestinian girlfriend, who is relying on Sham to help her come to Sweden.

A case needs to be made for women’s sexual economy. Historically, when marginalised from the workforce, women have married to secure their material wellbeing. Not for a bourgeoisie lifestyle; but for the basics like safety, food and shelter. While women’s autonomy is on the rise, crisis and war will throw gendered ethics into a regressive state. Without Stella, Sham’s options for accommodation are homelessness or overcrowded refugee housing where she is subjected to the same homophobic abuse she tried to leave in Palestine. It’s pertinent that this is happening in Sweden, a place the international imagination applauds for its progressive politics. Sweden is not in a war or a crisis, yet their feminist political spheres marginalise women like Sham.

A part of Sham probably does love Stella, but another part is still in love with Hanine, who may end up dying as she puts her faith in people smugglers to avoid an arranged marriage. Sham’s world in Stella’s Sweden is a dichotomy of intimacy and alienation. When the truth comes out, Stella is right to feel used, but will she have enough empathy to understand Sham’s situation?

08 Aug, 20:00, DokuKino Plato
09 Aug, 12:00, Shtëpia e Kulturës

Jenifer Malmqvist will be present for post-film Q&A