Lumbardhi LXX

It Rains in My Village

Biće skoro propast sveta

Yugoslavia, France
1968 — 84' / Color



A mentally challenged girl is defended by a young man who takes care of pigs. He gets into a fight with the local saloon keeper promoting the man to get the boy drunk and bribe a priest into marrying the boy to the unfortunate girl. A female teacher arrives in town to teach women how to paint. She uses the young boy as a model and then as a toy for her pleasure. The teacher subsequently takes another lover and abandons the young man, claiming that she was unaware of his marriage...

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Director Biography

Aleksandar Petrović one of the most acclaimed and successful Yugoslav directors, born in 1929. in Paris. Studied film directing at the prestigious Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague (1947/48). His studies remained unfinished due to the political aggravation between Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia at the time and he was forced to return to homeland. He graduated Art History in Belgrade (1955). Filmmaker since 1948. in various projects. At first, assisting to other directors and shooting documentaries.

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Aleksandar Petrović


Georges Laurent


Alain Levent

Djordje Nikolić


Katarina Stojanović


Vladimir Stanković


Avala film, Beograd
Les productions artistes associés S.A. Paris