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Children of the Mist

Những đứa trẻ trong sương

2021 — 90' / Color



Children of the Mist follows the story of Di, a 13-year-old Hmong girl with a dream to escape the destiny of many teenage girls of her ethnic group. Di is fortunate that she belongs to the first generation of children in the village with the opportunity to continue studying into high school. Most of the village women, including Di’s mother, didn’t have this chance. Di’s mother is 34 years old, already a grandmother, completely illiterate, and speaks very little Vietnamese. Di has a chance to avoid this fate by passing the high school entrance exam to continue her education. But if she fails, she may be trapped in the village her entire life...“like a frog in a well.”

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Director Biography

Ha Le Diem has won the Award for Best Directing at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam for her film 'Nhung Dua Tre Trong Suong' (Children Of The Mist).

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Ha Le Diem


Swann Dubus

Tran Phuong Thao


Ha Le Diem


Swann Dubus


Akritchalem Kalayanamitr


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