19 Jul, 2020

Despite the pandemic, lockdown and all the obstacles faced throughout the production timeline, fourteen of our ‘Future is Here’ film school students were more determined than ever to finalize eight of their short student films that we will proudly feature worldwide through our online edition of DokuFest.

Although faced with a challenge like never before, the collective spirit of our teenage students guided by Blerta Zeqiri and Andrijana Stojković, succeeded to bring to light a wide array of exciting stories that require the undivided attention of the audience.

Their stories are personal, yet they touch a universal chord. From Climate Change to the impacts of Digital Technology, these films bring us the voices of the youth that we need to hear and acknowledge.

Full list of FUTURE IS HERE films:

Vlera Haxhibeqiri & Maxhit Rruka

A black shadow that does not leave women, but also does not visit men. Here is how people mourn in Prizren.

Lum Borovci, Ideal Nrecaj & Freskim Nrecaj

Higher Education in Kosovo struggles to develop, as its academic ecosystem is relentlessly plagued by instances of blatant plagiarism. This phenomenon and its implications in the faculties’ communities and beyond are presented through the lens of activists, education professionals and innovators alike, each giving their unique perspective on the situation. Education is considered the bedrock of all societal development and prosperity; in the case of Kosovo, its fate remains surrounded by uncertainty.

Endri Maloku

An empty soul is pictured through the eyes of Loris and the outside world. A nine year old portrays the monotony of a continuous life behind a screen. The guns, the violence that he witnesses during the day is undoubtedly affecting him in mental and physical health. Obesity, social connection, depression is persistently growing bigger in him. However, when he steps into football training everything changes. Everything becomes real. Nevertheless the routine draws him back into the void.

Anisa Krasniqi & Bardha Kryeziu

Like many other women in Kosovo, she’s a victim of abuse, who has been staying in the same household with her abuser for decades. Suffering for her children, for a roof over her head and for the sake of what once used to be love.

Vlera Azizi

In Rainbows is a short documentary that focuses on drag queens living in Kosovo and the struggle against intolerance set in a capital city. We follow two famous queens on their quest to embrace their flamboyant personality all the while getting ready for their next performance. Also touching on issues of homophobia and socio-economic backgrounds, the documentary features conversations between renowned drag queens Agatha Bones and Diva.

Elsa Mala & Jon Nila

A visual comparison between life’s most important age groups, where they’re given to think the world is a place to cultivate their dreams, only to find out they have to adapt to the norms and standards they’re given.

Nazmi Latifi & Albulena Kurti

Letting birds fly in a yellow sky is the most disgusting thing we have ever seen. Deforestation, air and water pollution, global warming, climate change, and non social responsibility in only one word: NOSOTROS.

Vlera Dani

Yllka Berisha, a 35 year old woman, tells us about her life passions. She enjoys her life to the fullest. A portrait of an amazing personality, filled with surprises, who will leave us speechless.