02 Jun, 2021

On June 2, 2021 DokuFest signed a cooperation agreement with the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and the Municipality of Prizren for provision of strategic support to the institutional capacities and sustainability of the organization.

The agreement amongst others will advance programs related to the festival and the development of young filmmakers in Kosova.

During the signing ceremony, the Executive Director of DokuFest Linda Llulla Gashi said “We are delighted to officially strengthen our long-standing collaboration with the Swedish government, through the Swedish International Development Agency, which will also be supported by the Municipality of Prizren. Through these collaborations include we were honored to host the director of the Swedish Film Institute in Prizren who has been an ardent supporter of DokuFest on the international stage. With the Swedish Institute and the Region Halland we hosted programs such as “CREATIVE FORCE” which created opportunities for Swedish artists to co-create with artists from the region during previous editions of DokuFest. We started as a festival in a city without a cinema, but thanks to our consistent efforts and the support of our friends and the tireless work of all those who have contributed to DokuFest over the years, today Prizren is known as a city of cinema and with 16 active cinemas in the city. But cinemas cannot survive without films and stories told by local storytellers. In this regard, Swedish support will play a very important role in continuing the nurturing and development of young filmmakers from Kosova. We will also have the opportunity to continue furthering democratic society through the use of culture and the arts. All of these will be reflected in the structural development of the organization’s capacity to gradually configure the scope of our strategic program and vision for the next 10 years.”

The Swedish Ambassador to Kosovo, Mrs. Karin Hernmarck Ahliny noted “We strongly believe in the potential of arts and culture to lift societies up from poverty and put them on a developmental path. In the case of Kosovo, it is closely related to the international affirmation of its statehood as well. Artists and cultural institutions are agents of social change, their role extends well beyond their artwork and events. Therefore, state institutions should act smart by widening the scope of support to arts and culture. Sweden is happy to provide its share. Our project aims to consolidate institutional capacities and sustainability of DokuFest as a means of increasing the economic impact of the festival for Prizren and Kosovo. We are happy to walk hand in hand with DokuFest in its third decade. Wish you a wonderful 20th festival edition, much success in the project implementation and thanks to each and all of you that worked in the preparation of the project and agreement.”

Whereas, the Mayor of Prizren, Mr. Mytaher Haskuka stressed “For 20 years, DokuFest has turned Prizren into a world film center by enriching the cultural life of Kosovo and turning Prizren into an important cultural tourism destination. Through their artistic and cultural programs DokuFest has inspired the youth and creative sector of Kosovo, and Prizren in particular, to dare and use the existing potential of the city in promotion through art and culture. This has influenced Prizren today to be the center of film with a large number of cinemas that offer opportunities for young people to have access to rich artistic programs through films and discussions that usually occur after the screening of films. The film has also inspired many young people to explore and create audiovisual stories that convey the voices of young people on the international stage.”

The agreement will strengthen DokuFest’s internal capacities to respond to challenges of contemporary society by employing innovative, inclusive, emancipatory, and democratic models of organization, program collaboration and governance accessible to all segments of society in the next three-year period.