15 Mar, 2021

The project “HOW DO I SEE YOU?” aims to create an opportunity for youth from Kosovo and Serbia to engage in a meaningful exchange, cooperation and interpersonal dialogue. The activities of this exchange program intend to bring youth together through intensive collaboration and group work, active participation in lectures and discussions as well as cultural visits in heritage sites.

Moreover, youngsters will attend film screenings and workshops through which they will produce audio-visual content that will feature them interviewing each other. The produced video materials will be packaged into two-minute stories on how youth from each country see each other, with the intention to be presented through curated audio-visual exhibition that will be introduced at International Human Rights Free Zone Film Festival in Belgrade and International Documentary and Short Film Festival Dokufest in Prizren and, also streamed on a special made online platform.

Due to the outbreak and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, as an alternative to physical gatherings and travels, this time the program will include physical and online gatherings through which some participants will have the opportunity to meet each other and engage in meaningful discussion through video making.

This year, the program will gather around 16 to 20 young people aged 18-25 from Serbia and Kosovo interested in culture, art, human rights, media and film.

As we there will be two groups of participants, one in Kosovo and the other in Serbia, the participants will gather physically in their respective countries and will communicate online with the other group. Physical gatherings will be organized in the light of COVID measures in force and respecting social distancing. All costs related to the travel, food and accommodation will be covered by the project.

Please note that participation in the physical gatherings is optional. Anyone that does not want to join the group in physical gatherings, will have the chance to participate online.

Similarly, to the residential camps, the meetings will emphasize the interpersonal dialogue and cooperation between the young people from Kosovo and Serbia. Participants will take part in meetings where they will be assigned to produce short videos (2-minute) in relation to how do they see themselves and each other. The online sessions will be facilitated on Zoom Platform.

If the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic allows, after the successful completion of the online-meetings, the activity foresees a one-week meeting in Kosovo or in Serbia between the accepted participants.

The one-week program would include cultural heritage site visits, youth networks working with culture and innovation, attending workshops and visiting interethnic initiatives. All accepted participants’ accommodation expenses, travel costs, meal costs (two meals per day) will be covered by the project.


- Applications to this call are open to young people between the ages 18 and 25

- Fill out a questionnaire to apply for the program

- Produce one-minute self-introduction video* and send it to [email protected]

- Applicants should be able to participate fully in all sessions (physical & online)

- Be able to communicate and work in English

The participants will be selected on the basis of the above mentioned criteria. The “How Do I See You?” action welcomes applications from all candidates who fulfill the above- mentioned conditions, irrespective of gender, disability, marital or parental status, racial, ethnic or social origin, colour, religion, belief or sexual orientation.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Friday, 19 March 2021, 6 p.m CET (afternoon).

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The EU funded “HOW DO I SEE YOU?” initiative is a 3-year joint project between organizations DokuFest (Kosovo), Foundation Fund B92 (Serbia) and Free Zone Film Festival (Serbia) that aims at developing a comprehensive exchange program that allows continuous meetings between youth aged 18-25 from Kosovo and Serbia engaged in workshops designed as a camp for intercultural research and exchange of options, media and information literacy and most importantly discovering common goals and reflecting their thoughts.

For all additional questions and information you can contact us via:

email: [email protected]

phone: +383 29 233 718

The contents of this call are the sole responsibility of DokuFest, Foundation Fund B92 and Free Zone Film Festival and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union.

*Note: videos can be recorded using your phone or a digital camera. No quality or format is required for the video. Send it to [email protected] (video submission is completely optional).