15 July, 2022

True to its spirit of exploring everything and anything related to music and film, DokuFest is pleased to unveil the titles of 8 exceptional music documentaries, selected for its Sonic Transmissions: Music on Film section.

Spanning across a diverse number of genres - from electronic & grunge, to classical and even folk -,the films take their viewers into a dazzling universe of musical diversity, from that of the independent music of Turkish community in Germany and the backbone of their cultural expressions, in Love, Deutschmarks and Death, to the integration of music in telling the story of Jean, growing up in a community under the influence of a spiritual guide, in Spectre: Sanity, Madness & the Family, and plenty of other themes in between.

Portraits of emblematic musicians, such as that of the world’s greatest film composer, Ennio Morricone, depicted in Ennio, or the ones about the known and lesser known names from the punk scene, in films about Patti Smith, Dinosaur Jr. and South African band The National Wake, in the Pati Smith: Electric Poet, Freakscene: The Story of Dinosaur Jr. and This is National Wake are all to be found here.

Rounding up the programme are two films about two unique musicians, a legendary jazz pianist and composer Theolonius Monk in Rewind & Play and exceptional Bosnian, sevdah music singer-songwriter, Božo Vrećo in Maldita: A Love Song to Sarajevo.