30 November, 2022

'How Do I See You?' is a three-year project funded by the European Union in Kosovo and implemented by DokuFest in partnership with Slobodna Zona and Fond B92 in Belgrade. The project's extensive program tries to help curb the divisive narrative between the youth from Kosova and Serbia. The project has at its core an intercultural exchange camp, which fosters communication between participating youth through creative means and culture and is later manifested in an audio-visual exhibition.

What's the audio-visual exhibition all about?

The exhibiton contains curated interviews that are held between the participating youth at the 'HDISY? camps. By the end of the camp the participants are invited to reflect their thoughts on how they see their peers through these curated interviews. The participants are paired into twos, one Serbian & one Kosovar, and are filmed having a conversation with each other, each in their native language. Connected to equipments that would simultaneously translate what they were saying to each other, the interview made for an interesting audio-visual experience.

We were happy to showcase the latest exhibition at our partner film festival in Belgrade Slobodna Zona on the 7th of November. The DokuFest team together with the camp’s alumni traveled to Belgrade to see the exhibition, and the turnover for the camp exceeded our expectations.

“...and when I was in Kosovo I was convinced that most of the things I see in the news, and was told by my grandparents or friends from school, are actually incorrect” is one of the many other powerful statements the participants of the camps had to say to each other after having spent time together.

The video below showcases clips from the interviews that were made throughout the 4 intercultural exchange camps of Kosovo and Serbian youth, after having spent a week together socializing and visiting places that define and tell our joint and separate past, in both of the respective countries. The interviews are part of the multimedia digital exhibition ‘How Do I See You?’ which is created within the framework of the project of the same name in partnership with Slobodna Zona and the European Union in Kosova.

This project is funded by the European Union in Kosovo.