19 May, 2023

On the 26th of May, DokuFest producers Eroll Bilibani & Malbora Krajku will travel to Geneva, Switzerland to present three programs of 15 DokuFest-produced films over our 12-year production lab. Attending filmmakers will be former students of our film schools Dafina Daka and Lyra Pozhegu.

The programs are brought in collaboration with 'Uversité Populaire Albanaise' and will screen at 'Les Cinémas du Grütli'

'Uversité Populaire Albanaise' or ‘The  Popular Albanian University’ is a non-profit association that works to support migrants towards better integration in Switzerland, within the framework of the work of  ‘The University of Cultures of Geneva’ (UPA).

The films deal with various social topics, inequality, poverty, empowerment of girls, violence and harassment, stories from the margins of Kosovo, environment, etc.

You can see the three programs set to screen, below:

Program 1:
The Art of Personal (33 minute program)

Shtojzovalle - 12 min
Director: Flutura Balaj
Shtojzovalle: magical Creatures of the Albanian mythology that posses supernatural powers and extraordinary beauty. Often found in the woods singing and dancing, the Shtojzovalle are finally captured by the eyes of humans. After centuries of living around us, they invite us into their mystical realities. By letting us meet their superpowers, their beautiful world and desire for music, these Shtojzovalle help us reflect on the missed opportunities we’ve had to see and appreciate any Shtojzovalle in real life.

Without limits - 6 min
Director: Era Skivjani
Stories of some characters about prejudices and discrimination in our society.

Laetitia - 9 min
Director: Laureta Paçarizi 
Laetitia is a French woman who loves everything about life. She lives in Prizren, Kosova with her Kosovar husband and their two children. When she is 41, she becomes terminally ill, and knows that she is going to die in a short time. From this moment, her strength, love, and faith start to grow in an amazing way.

I am not just a...  - 6 min
Director: Sonja Azizaj
Exploring how is it to live in a mind of a woman through a short documentary film. Aleksandra is an example of a modern woman, who lives in an urban Albanian society of 21st century by wearing and reflecting her entire complexity. A short walk through the female universe and what is revealed under the word woman as an object.


Program 2:
Perceptions of Identity (28 minute program)

In Rainbows - 7 min
Director: Vlera Azizi
In Rainbows is a short documentary that focuses on drag queens living in Kosovo and the struggle against intolerance set in a capital city. We follow two famous queens on their quest to embrace their flamboyant personality all the while getting ready for their next performance. Also touching on issues of homophobia and socio-economic backgrounds, the documentary features conversations between renowned drag queens Agatha Bones and Diva.

Man - 12 min
Director: Dafina Daka
The concept of this documentary is to raise awareness towards toxic masculinity, which affects a lot of young men in Kosovo and most of the time leads to emotional consequences such as depression, aggression, low self-esteem, demotivation, confusion in decision making especially in career choosing.

Without Brother - 9 min
Directors: Alba Demiri, Genta Sefa
Four women, one story. Told throughout Kosovo. The burden of being a girl, in families without boys. Full of anxiety, prejudice and courage. Pa vlla! A film overcoming gender stereotypes.


Program 3:
Simple stories from a complex region (33 minute program)

Smoke - 9 min (experimental)
Director: Gorana Jovanovic
A house burned down sixteen years ago, yet the smoke remains.

Flutter - 10 min (regional program)
Director: Norika Sefa
Flutter visits a town hidden behind stone walls. Over time, the regular movements of nature through the town create a new teasing rhythm against its stillness.

Naser - 6 min (regional program)
Director: Biljana Dulovic, Mateja Raickovic, Yllka Haxhikadrija
The fisherman’s routine uncovered the hidden parts of this work and many of its struggles.

The Spring In Summer - 8 min (regional program)
Directors: Mila Radonjikj, Vanja Ristic, Edin Alija
This short documentary film captures the moments when we use the water fountain. It is a poetic and allegorical story about people, differences, connections, and similarities. We all stop by the water fountain, even just for a moment, no matter where we come from or where we go. This is a story about all of us young, old, happy or sad, angry or delighted, or just thirsty. This is a story about the little moments of magic that happen there, at the fountain.