The world premiere of the documentary "As I was looking above, I could see myself underneath” by Ilir Hasanaj was screened within the 21st edition of DokuFest. This documentary has unfolded the intimate stories of several people of the LGBTQ community from Kosovo, who go through the continuous search for a safe place that allows them to be themselves.
The courage of these people to appear in the film and to confess the difficulties they face in everyday life, which are the result of the exclusionary approach of society, was appreciated by the audience on Saturday afternoon at DokuKino. The audience has rewarded the team of filmmakers, as well as the present protagonists of the film with a long applause. 
In the discussion session, the artistic director of DokuFest, Veton Nurkollari, expressed his gratitude to the team of filmmakers and the protagonists of the documentary, who have told such a story from Kosovo.
"We have been waiting for a long time. We have shown films, until the moment like this one. I'm super excited for a moment like this, with all of you on stage. Thank you for sharing your life and your troubles, because we know, but we don't like to talk about them... I think it's an extraordinary moment not only for the film, but also for the cultural, liberal scene. We need these films for a better society", said Nurkollari. 
Director Ilir Hasanaj claimed that he is very excited and appreciates the courage of the film's protagonists. "A very big thank you to these people who accepted to come out here, and tell very intimate stories, which is very difficult because you become a target".
The producer of the film, Aurela Kadriu, has emphasized that she and the co- producer Dardan Hoti have contacted over 30 people from the LGBTQ community in Kosovo, insisting on the unveiling of their intimate stories. "From a list of 30 people we have contacted throughout the nearly 4-year process, these are the real heroes who have decided to tell their stories."
Whereas Hoti added that he is happy that this project has come to light to show that "LGBTQ people are humans and they live in Kosovo".
Speaking about the film, director Hasanaj emphasized that his goal was to present each character in a unique way, since they are different. "It's a very big responsibility, because you're taking on the work to tell someone's life. It's a big thing, I am still afraid."
The documentary "As I was looking above, I could see myself underneath” will be screened on Friday, August 12 from 20:00 at Lunar Cinema. 

Photo Credits: Agon Dana