Balkan Dox


2020 — 9 min / Colour



Merve was born to a Muslim family wheras Rachel was born to a Jewish family, and they are close friends. In the neighbourhood, grownups live also in harmony just like the kids. Merve has some childish naive feelings for black Christian Kevy, and she feels sad when she hears that he is going away.

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Directors' Biography

Gülden Gevher Öz is a Social Sciences teacher. She got her master’s degree in Faculty of Communication where she started to study cinema. She wrote her thesis also on this subject. She has articles published on a national refereed journal. Gevher Öz has three short films. She works as an advisor for Short Film Directors Association where she also publishes reviews for some films. Olcay Seda Ozaltan graduated from DEU American Studies in 2004. She started working as an English language teacher in 2006. She completed her master's degree in ELT in 2017. She got scriptwriting, acting and film production classes from Turkey’s predominant names like Zeynep Atakan, Funda Alp, Onur Unlu, Huseyin Karabey and Gizem Erman Soysaldı. She shot 5 short films.

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Gülden Gevher Öz

Olcay Seda Özaltan


Gülden Gevher Öz

Olcay Seda Özaltan