Balkan Dox

Inside the Red Brick Wall


Hong Kong SAR China
2020 — 88 min / Colour



The Anti-ELAB Movement came to a horrifying peak in mid-November at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. When protesters blocking the Cross-Harbour Tunnel retreated to the University, the police surrounded the area and put the school in a lockdown. Anxious citizens made various rescue attempts, but could barely go near the campus. Meanwhile, within those red brick walls, the camera captured the trapped protesters’ desperation and determination.

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Directors' Biography

This documentary has been directed by the group Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers, who prefer to stay anonymous for fear of potential government retaliation.

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Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers


Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers


Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers


Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers


Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers

Screenings & Awards

IDFA, Netherlands, 2020
Best Editing

TIDF, Taiwan, Taiwan, 2021
Chinese Documentary Award

Krakow FF, Czech Republic, 2020

DocAviv FF, Israel, 2021