Balkan Dox

Telenovela Grey-Scale in Color

Telenovela en gris y multicolor

2021 — 63 min / Colour



Filip, a young man born in Belgrade, Serbia and raised in Barcelona embarks on a journey visiting places in search of his roots. He begins by wondering where his father's ashes should be. In this search for answers, Filip meets Asha, an Ethiopian girl with a tragic past. Together they will go to remote places in search of the origin of Filip's family. Chasing the past, Filip and Asha find themselves in soap opera situations.

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Directors' Biography

Filip Martinovic (1988 Belgrade, Yugoslavia) grew up in Barcelona. In 2017 he completed his master studies in Film and TV Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Following his debut film, Telenovela greyscale in color (Festival de Málaga), he founds the production company GULU GULU presenta in Belgrade. An he is the coproducer of Spanish-Serbian co-production “Oh Dear Sara” by Catalan filmmaker Patricia Franquesa.

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Filip Martinovic


Nikola Savicević

Filip Martinovic


Marko Milovanović


Ana Zugić

Olga Košarić


Luka Barajević

Screenings & Awards

Málaga FF, Spain, 2021