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When it left, death didn't even close our eyes

Kur Mbaroi, Vdekja as qe na mbylli syte

2020 — 14 min / Colour



When it left, death didn't even close our eyes centers on the testimonies of laborers working in Kosovo’s construction industry. They attest to how this precarious and unregulated labor market has serious human costs to those that have to seek its employment. Speaking of how they are expected to work hours—from 12, 13, 15, even up to 24 hours—and in conditions far beyond prescribed regulations or normal human expectations. One of the primary consequences is a high rate of injury, which then precludes future work in the industry—some workers even admit that they would rather face death than lose the ability to earn a living.

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Directors' Biography

Doruntina Kastrati, born in 1991 in Prizren, Kosovo. She lives and works in Prishtina, Kosovo.

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