North Macedonia
2020 — 19 min / Colour



37 year old Dejan finds himself at odds with the law after a local DMV is out of registration stickers and is unable to renew his car registration. Determined to continue on the journey to see his daughter, Dejan faces a series of events which test his commitment to being a responsible father.

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Director Biography

Georgi M. Unkovski was born in New York City in 1988 , after which he spent most of his youth in Macedonia, Europe. At the age of 22 he graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology - Eastman’s School of Photography, in the field of the Fine Arts (Rochester, NY). Shortly after his graduation he moved to the Czech Republic to pursue his passion in film making and enrolled in the post graduate program at renowned university of FAMU in Prague. Since his post graduate studies Georgi has lived in Skopje, and works as a full time director in one of the largest ad agencies in North Macedonia - “Futura 2/2”, as well as its sister agency “Cinema Futura”, dedicated to film production.


Georgi M. Unkovski


Ivan Unkovski


Naum Doksevski


Martin Ivanov


Sashko Potter Micevski

Screenings & Awards

Sundance, United States, 2020

Vilnius IFF, Lithuania, 2020

Brooklyn IFF , United States, 2020
Winner Jury Award

Literally ShFF, United States, 2020
Winner Best Picture

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