18 November, 2022

DokuFest is inviting high school students to apply for the winter camp, as part of the XI generation of the documentary film school, where they will learn the processes of telling their stories visually through the provided tools, the “know-how”, and the professional assistance.

Throughout the 10 years since our film school ‘Future is Here’ was established, it has had a whirlwind of success in bringing youths' - particularly high school students - voices forward by providing a safe platform, the structural knowledge of storytelling, and the necessary tools to create documentary films. More often than not, our ‘Future is Here’ alumni have gone to pursue a career in film and other artistic fields, reporting that the film school had inspired them to take action on certain societal issues primarily through storytelling and other channels of narration. Our hope in establishing this school is that it instills a sense of validity in the experiences of Kosovo’s youth to be narrated as stories. Stories, from dealing with personal and societal pasts and presents to explorations of subcultures which in the past generations of the school have traveled to dozens of film festivals for the world to see and hear!

The produced films will premiere on the 22nd edition of DokuFest, on August 04-12, 2023.

The documentary film school is part of the ‘School and Documentary Film’ project, - a project generously supported by the National Endowment for Democracy - which aims to promote democratic values and human rights through film.


  • Attending High School during their participation at the school.
  • Good communication in English.


  • DECEMBER 23, 2022


  • One-week longevity during the winter break.