16 July, 2022

We're proud to unveil the DokuNights performance of local musician and band, EDONA VATOCI, and THIS IS NOT, respectively, set to take place AUG 9 at KINO LUMBARDHI BAHÇE.

EDONA VATOCI, a singer-songwriter from Pristina,will be performing her first ever solo concert at DokuNights. Inspired by different genres from the alternative and electronic scene, started composing music around 2015 with a combination of personal and urban stories with eclectic sounds. Known for her songs like Hala and Mirëmëngjes, as well as collaborations with Tomor Kuçi, Dritëro Nikqi and Shpat Deda, she continues to bring music that reflects a unique soundscape. THIS IS NOT a newly formed band, made up of the internationally renowned artists of the band Tetris. In the middle as a new light and spirit of them is the young musician from Prishtina, Eljesa Beka. By having access to various synthesizers, hardware, and film-producing gear, they work and experiment with sound, producing ambient-to-electronic music. THIS IS NOT is not a static collective from Prishtina, but rather a moving structure that subtly endorses manipulation with synthesizers and live instruments. Both musical acts during this night will bring very personal experiences and long journeys.