Ahmet Gürata is an academic, film critic and festival curator. Currently, he is a senior visiting scholar at Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS). He has published a research on the history of Turkish cinema, reception, remakes and documentary in anthologies and journals. His current research includes projects on archive and comparative film studies. He also works as a programmer for the Antalya Film Festival and Festival on Wheels.


Brigid O’Shea started her career at the Berlin International Film Festival, working with various departments including Berlinale Talents, Berlinale Co-Production Market and the EFM. She started working for DOK Leipzig, first as the coordinator of the DOK Industry Programme in 2010 and was then appointed to Head of DOK Industry in late 2014. She left this post in 2021 to establish the Documentary Association of Europe, to usher in a new generation of professionals and advocate on a pan-European level for documentary filmmakers. Currently she serves on the advisory boards of B2B Doc and DMZ Doc.


Jeton Jagxhiu is a graphic artist, manager and co-founder of “Punetori Grafike”, a Prizren based advertisement studio and printing outlet. Among many other things, Jeton writes on food, culture, identity and is also an environmental and political activist.