This past Saturday marked the last night of the DokuFest Documentary and Short Film Festival. For days in a row, 272 films were shown in different cinemas around the city, discussions, debates, workshop classes, lectures, singing and dancing were held to the sound of music. In its 21st edition, DokuFest once again made Prizren the center of cinema, hosted and transported guests from all over the world who took with them some of the films, love and dedication of the people who make this festival.
The final night of the festival, which was held at the "Lumbardhi" cinema, was attended by people who walked and contemplated the streets of the city for days on end. They got to know the locals, a little of the traditions and customs, they got to know each other making good friends from every corner of the world. A festival wins everyone who participated, so the competition is nothing but a moment to give the rightful place to those who were appreciated by the jury. The winners, some of whom were present, went up to the stage themselves to receive the award and to share the words of the occasion with the public, others who could not physically be in Prizren took care to bring their video congratulations from afar. the warmest words, sometimes not even hiding tears of joy and emotion at the well-deserved appreciation.
Below we introduce you to the winners, whose films captured the hearts of the audience and the jury:
Balkan Dox winner: "Factory to the workers"
International Feature Dox winner: "Dry ground burning"
International Feature Dox Special mention: "The Eclipse"
International Shorts Dox winner: “Haulout”
International Shorts Dox special mention: "I am trying to remember"
International Shorts winner: "Will my parents come to see me"
International Shorts special mention: "Love and revenge"
Human Rights Dox special mention: "Children of the mist"
Human Rights Dox owner: "Mynamar Diaries"
Human Rights Dox special mention: "The New Greatness Case"
Green Dox winner: "Foragers"
Truth Dox winner: "The killing of a journalist"
DokuFest candidate for EFA: "Memoir of a veering storm"
National winner: "Ka me kalu"
Audience award: "Love, deutschmarks & death"
Distribution award: "Shpija"
Although only so many prizes were awarded at the festival, each participating film received the attention and love of the public and the jury. So maybe this is one of the few times when the expression "everyone is a winner" makes sense.
Closing the last night of the 21st edition of DokuFest was a party like the entire edition. A celebration and a moment of reflection for all those who received and gave love to each other for 9 days in a row, in the most beloved city of Prizren.
So until the next edition, we wish that this love continues and spreads, multiplies and infects the hearts of every living being on the planet.

By Ana Haxhimali

Photo Credits: Elmedina Arapi