This Saturday evening marks the closing night of DokuFest. For nights in a row, a multitude of films, filmmakers, film lovers have accompanied the hours of the festival, while this Saturday the hours before the closings are exciting for anyone who is a participant or film lover of a certain product shown at DokuFest.
For days in a row, the jury has taken care to carefully follow the films according to the categories, so that the awards go to the right place and are deserved. The winning films will be shown in different cinemas of DokuFest, thus announcing the best of this edition.
The excitement for the filmmakers and participants is likely to be the same as the first day the film was released, but in the end it's a rewarding moment. A moment to thank, to pay attention again to those who make the festival, people, filmmakers or film lovers, as without participants, without people there could be no festival.
While at 20:00 at the closing ceremony that will be held in "Lumbardhi" the last film, the closing one of this edition, chosen not without purpose to bear this weight, will be shown. The Last Waltz is more than just one of the best concert films ever made, is both an ecstatic and elegiac compilation of a vital era in American rock music. Invited to film the legendary The Band's farewell performance at San Francisco's Winterland Ballroom for Thanksgiving in 1976, Martin Scorsese created a new kind of music documentary. Enlisting seven cinematographers (led by director of photography Michael Chapman, also including renowned directors of photography such as Vilmos Zsigmond and László Kovács) and production designer Boris Leven to design striking theatrical sets, Scorsese created an experience 
extremely immersive that brings the viewer into the scene and into the music itself. That music—as performed by the Band and a host of other generation-leading artists, including Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, the Staple Singers, Muddy Waters, and Neil Young—lives on as an almost religious expression of possibility. extraordinary rock and roll.
A moment that will reward everyone for the work, desire, dedication and love expressed for DokuFest.

By Ana Haxhimali

Photo Credits: Agon Dana