After receiving many tips regarding the DokuFest events, Viola von Cramon, Greens/EFA MEP and European Parliament rapporteur on Kosovo took the opportunity to visit the 20th edition of the festival, which is taking place in Prizren. In a brief interview with DokuStories she explains what brought her to DokuFest.

“Everyone told me if I have the opportunity, no matter when, but I should visit the DokuFest. So it’s well known, all over the place in Europe, but also amongst Kosovo fans and friends. Since I have been to Serbia, Belgrade, Presevo, I took the opportunity to come to Prizren for two days”, says von Cramon, shortly after visiting the photo exhibition: Bekim Fehmiu’s Visit in Albania.

She praises the cultural cooperation atmosphere created during the festival events. “Of course it’s a big pleasure, it’s a great honor to be here at this lovely weather with great people, this international flavor, this way of cultural cooperation it’s really amazing and I feel so comfortable to be here. I couldn’t spend my summer break better than here”.

Von Cramon also shares her thoughts about why this kind of cultural events are important for Kosovo and its image in the international stage.

“Kosovo has a huge heritage. I mean look at Prizren, all the different ethnicities, religious heritage, building from different centuries, you see that people lived here with different backgrounds, different origins, with different languages, very peacefully and for me this is the signal to the world that multiethnicity works. In Prizren you can visit this every day. And with the culture, with the film festival like DokuFest you invite the world or international community to look what you can present”.

She also adds that Prizren is a right place to host the festival guests, since it has so many values within. “When I was here few weeks ago I was impressed by the multifacets of the city, the good food, great culture, but also this peaceful place of living together. Actually for me this is a role model for many other places in the world”, says Von Cramon.

Besides taking part in the festival events, Von Cramon explained how eager she is to go watch some of the films from the handpicked program, that present stories and events from all over the world, in the unique cinemas of DokuFest.