"The Planting of Trees" is the film by director Fabio Seferi that was shown a few days ago at DokuFest. A story that leads to retrospective in Albania under the dictatorial regime. Through a metaphor, the whole film shows the social context of the time, the suffering and the need to escape the executioners.
In an interview for DokuStories, Seferi shared details from the film, which has a fantastic cast of well-known Albanian actors and was the last shot of the late Gulielm Radoja.

DS: After touring through festivals inside and outside Albania, "The Planting of Trees" is now also shown at DokuFest. How does that make you feel?
Seferi: For me, the selection in DokuFest is important because this festival is one of the best festivals, there is a very beautiful organization in the city of Prizren and what makes the presentation of my film here even more special is because the film is the premiere for Kosovo. 

DS: The subject of the film is best suited to the category of national films in which it is placed. Would you place it in another category?
Seferi: I think that the placement in this category is more accurate since Albania and Kosovo are one and as far as I have seen the other films that are in this category are all Albanian and Kosovar films or films with Albanian directors.

DS: What does participation in DokuFest mean to you as a director?
Seferi: For me, participating in DokuFest is a new door open for me to meet other talented people and to see the work of my colleagues and to create new friendships and new projects. Of course, to win the Prize and to have some fun with friends.

DS: How do you think the DokuFest audience has received you?
Seferi: I think that the public liked the film and understood the history of communist Albania.

DS: "Planting trees" is the last shot of the great Gulielm Radoja, how does this make you feel and how do you think he would feel?
Seferi: I think that Gulielm would be very proud of the film and the trust it creates in me. So I think he would not be disappointed about the work done with the film.

DS: What are your expectations from Dokufest?
Seferi: For me, the important thing is that the film is seen and liked, and of course if the film wins an Award it would be fantastic both for the film and for the entire cast and crew that worked on this film. However, I think that the most important thing is the creation of friendships between colleagues and future collaborations that can arise from meetings at festivals like DokuFest.

By Ana Haxhimali

Photo Credits: Esad Duraki