ProCredit Bank continues the tradition of supporting DokuFest. In an interview for DokuStories, the General Director of ProCredit Bank in Kosovo, Mrs. Eriola Bibolli talks about building this partnership, its results and the importance of supporting such cultural events.

Procredit Bank is a traditional sponsor of DokuFest. How has this partnership been built and maintained over the past 17 years?

Bibolli: It’s been 21 years of operation in Kosovo, ProCredit Bank has been an example of a reliable and serious institution with high standards of transparency, expertise and innovation.

Procredit Bank is an institution based on a business model that extends beyond standard banking operations, supports and contributes to the economic development of the country through responsible and sustainable banking.

One of our key goals at the group level is precisely the balance between profit and the impact we have on society. Financial gain for us has always been just a means to support every country we operate to improve its society through a sustainable economy, modern educational institutions, more culture,] better sports activities, and hopefully, a greener environment. So, we are dedicated to return a part of our profits as an institution to the community in various forms.

Considering the importance of cultural activities in the country, the economic effect that DokuFest brings to the beautiful city of Prizren and beyond, as well as the promotion of our art and culture beyond the borders, the support of this festival from our bank undoubtedly comes naturally.

The concept of partner support in the long run is something deeply ingrained in our strategy. This practice, in addition to being applied to our business and private clients, is certainly an integral part of any other partnership, including the 17-year cooperation we have with DokuFest.

As Frederik Nael puts it, “It takes both sides to build a bridge” and in this case this bridge of long-term cooperation is still strong thanks to the commitment, contribution and continuous innovation coming from both sides.

What are the results of this long-term partnership?

Bibolli: There is no way not to give its results, when there is a great job with so much passion. DokuFest has already become the most important documentary and short film festival in Southeast Europe and this certainly comes thanks to the unstinting support that we as a Bank have given over the years. When we talk about support, we are not always talking about financial support. In the face of the pandemic which has challenged every activity, it is worth mentioning that, among other things, this festival in 2020 has made a very big and progressive step by offering its online platform. Here, too, the technical support with services that enable the sale of tickets online and sharing our experience in the field of digitalization, has been unsparing, enabling the festival to be now open to art lovers around the world.

In conclusion, we all see and feel the success of this partnership when we see the stability, growth and positive transformation that DokuFest has over the years.

Why is it important to support such cultural events, which present our state, culture and art to the world?

Bibolli: Art is one of the most beautiful forms through which messages, ideas and different cultures are exchanged. Any such exchange of cultures enriches the individual. Within the ProCredit Bank group, there is a wide cultural diversity with over 30 nationalities at our headquarters in Germany and with a special focus on gender balance where 50% of our senior and middle managers are women. This is considered an extremely valuable asset. In line with this, it is expected that supporting such cultural events that address social issues, present our state, culture and art to the world, will be very important to us.