Survival is a basic instinct, which today perhaps more than ever the world needs to reinforce. In this 21st edition of DokuFest "How to survive?" is the question that is raised not without purpose, to reflect and encourage the process of catharsis in any individual.
To try to clean himself, those wounds that he himself has created.
From global warming, fascism, violence and extermination and a number of other topics as phenomena which human society probably created without purpose, and which are now returning in the form of a boomerang.
Through the films and discussions of DokuTalks, the public will have the opportunity to all together, most likely not to solve, but to reflect and try to feel this world of his own more than ever. Teasing is the favorite activity of DokuFest, the mind of anyone who decides to pursue it with or without intention, and for this reason, the festival team has been killing the mind for quite some time.
The visual part of this edition of DokuFest teases you with the warm colors, not a little noticeable in the alleys of the city, or wherever you look and see them. It seems as if they invite you to a conversation with what the eye sees and the mind reads.
DokuFest team worked together with a dynamic company from Tirana, to reach some visual aspects of how to visualize something that is not so easy to visualize.
"We didn't want dead animals or similar images, so we decided we would have a visual identity that has been used for years. At the end of many conversations, at some point we returned to the sun. On the poster is a big sun, we liked the sun as a source of energy, but now you can also read it as a source of problems, as a body with extraordinary power that we don't know how to use.
If you see the technique used in the poster, we are dealing with the device that records heat, as a kind of connection between the central poster "The Sun" and other visual elements, which is heat,'' says Veton Nurkollari, artistic director of the festival.
Heat is a key element in how the visuals are handled, and on top of that are slogans that invite you to think about many other aspects of survival. There are many slogans, but only 4 are used in the printed materials. One that is central "How to survive?" to which you can add many topics. Others are violence, fascism and extinction. One leads to another, if violence is not stopped it can grow and lead to fascism, if fascism is not stopped it grows and leads to extinction.
At a time when phenomens of this nature threaten our society and mother Earth so fiercely, it is everyone's duty to reflect and do their part. The purpose of DokuFest is that through the question "How to survive?" to encourage thought, action today in everyone who wants to call himself tomorrow a survivor...

By Ana Haxhimali and Pediona Dautaj

Photo Credits: Elmedina Arapi