The house of "Shani Efendi" has already opened its doors for a number of days for a series of exhibitions which offer visitors other options and of course a lot of information related to topics sometimes unknown to them. On Wednesday afternoon, a special exhibition was opened in one of the spaces of this house. We are talking about the exhibition "How do I see you", a project supported by the European Union and implemented by DokuFest in Kosovo and Free Zone and Foundation Fund B92.
Young people from Kosovo and Serbia shared the same space for a few days through a camp held last year where they learned more about the history of the two countries and naturally gained and shared experiences with each other. What these young people have heard about the past from their parents or grandparents is juxtaposed with what they have heard from the person in front of them, thus taking a different perspective of learning.
The whole goal has been for these young people to never hate each other, but to build bridges of communication and undo judgments and further hatred carried or imposed. Zana Arapi Xheladini, who has followed this project since its embryonic stage for DokuFest up until the opening of the exhibition, to properly present it to the attendees, has offered some more details about this exhibition, which consists of video materials, where young people from the two countries, divided into pairs, interview each other.
"The goal of the project is to bring together young people from Serbia and Kosovo, between the ages of 18 and 25, against the harsh media narrative, believing that through art and culture they can overcome everything. The interviews of these young people have been curated into a digital exhibition that lasts about 20 minutes. They spoke in their native language while the translations were done in English. The primary initiative of the project was not only to be with young people from Kosovo and Serbia, but from the whole region, but the budget limitation has led to the development of the project only between these two countries. In the future, we wish that with the availability of these funds, there will be a continuity and a wider scope of the project."
The exhibition had a special interest from the visitors who followed it from the first moments of its opening.

By Ana Haxhimali

Photo Credits: Suer Celina