Love is alive, tempting, fiery. It could very well be paralleled with a volcano, which boils and boils its lava and which at any moment may explode.
"Fire of Love" is the film that opens the film marathon of this edition of DokuFest. A Canadian-American production fresh out of the oven that bears the name of the well-known director Sara Dosa.
The story of Katia and Maurice Krafft, the French couple of scientists who spent their lives surrounded by the lava of their love, for each other and volcanoes. Through Miranda July's script, the intimate relationship between the two characters with the main character "the volcano" is revealed. A love story that saved lives, taking the lives of two heroes.
All the images that come fixed through the lens of the Krafft couple, walk the audience through this scorching dynamic, which combines jokes, love and curiosity as the common denominator.
The artistic director of DokuFest, Veton Nurkollari, explains all the reasons why he chose exactly "Fire of Love" as the film that will open this edition of the festival.
"It's an incredible film. A love story of two extraordinary, strange people, scientists, passionate about something strange, the volcano. Also something else unusual is the fact that the footage was not shot now, we are dealing with the 70's. These bits of footage that were used to create the film are actually footage shot by the Krafft couple. It's about interesting, rare, sometimes even spectacular moments from their many trips around the globe in pursuit of volcanoes, until the last moment of their lives."
The film began to tour the world's cinemas at the beginning of last month, and so soon the public has the opportunity to watch it at DokuFest.
"The film has just been released in theaters. Not many films of the documentary genre manage to be shown in cinemas and I am convinced that we are dealing with an important moment for a film, in my opinion. For a film, which I am almost convinced will be talked about now until March when the "Oscars" awards will be given. We are dealing with one of the most important films that came out at the beginning of this year, which had its world premiere in Los Angeles. I repeat, not many documentaries manage to be shown in cinemas. It is an extraordinary moment, for the Albanian public but not only, to see such an extraordinary film at DokuFest," continues Nurkollari, who has the privilege and responsibility of selecting the film, whose screening will pave the way for the screening of a multitude of other cinematographic productions.
"Fire of Love" is a story of love, survival and self-sacrifice, a story that awaits you to discover, this Friday immediately after the opening ceremony of the 21st edition at "Lumbardhi Bahçe".

By Ana Haxhimali