Where there's a party there's music, and the sounds of music were not absent even on the first opening night of DokuFest. "Andrra" the space on the side of the mountain hosted at midnight young people from all over the world who danced until dawn to the rhythms of electronic music. The electrifying sounds that were performed by Tadi lit up the stage of performers at DokuNights.
Throughout the festival, this stage will host and convey national and international artist names to make the nights of stay in Prizren unforgettable.
For those present, these nights are magical and with the purpose of making them so, a very dedicated staff works even on the smallest details in intensive and long hours. For Zani Dida, the technical head of DokuNights, who has the task together with his team to make sure that everything is under control, the performances of the artists are enjoyed while working.
"Being an organic part of DokuNights is a fantastic opportunity. It is an ambitious project, the realization of which definitely requires a lot of dedication. Under the curatorial concept of Leart Rama and the scenography designed by scenographer Jeta Veseli, all this turned into an unforgettable experience for all of us. Obviously, the difficulties and challenges of realization are not missing, but behind all these comes such a beautiful experience that pushes us to overcome them all. Especially in the last hours and days of realization, arrhythmia and stress were our friends who accompanied us (laughs), but this is not the first year for us, it is the 10th in a row. Therefore, there is no better feeling than to see the attendees feeling the atmosphere", says Zani.
The evening culminated with the performance of the electronic music label "DMX Krew", Edward Upton went on stage, giving all those present pieces of the metropolis around the world where this label performs.
Exhausted from dancing for long hours, in the early hours of the morning the attendees left "Andrra", as in their portraits the happiness of the well-spent moments could easily be read. "Andrra" will host them again, in other unforgettable evenings with fantastic names of artists who will reserve unrepeatable moments...

By Ana Haxhimali

Photo Credits: Gerd Waliszewski