In the 7th Edition of DokuTech speakers: Leke Zherka and Rron Cena discussed how we can reduce, reuse, repair, rebuild, refurbish, refinish, resell, recycle while at the same time-solving problems and meeting the needs of people around the world.

Leke Zherka talked about Bonevet, a center where innovation, creativity and technical talent are promoted through technology, work and interesting projects. According to him Bonevet is a creative space, were young people can develop their talent.
“The most important thing for us is to bring out entrepreneurs who are self-sufficient and face the 21st century’s challenges and good citizens who contribute to the country”, he said.

One of the founders of Formon, Rron Cena explained that the first and primary activity of this company is the creation, development and production of 3D printers. But during pandemic the company’s idea was to use their professional competence, which lead to idea of developing the ventilator called “Ventcore”, in order to overcome the lack of equipment that can assist during the pandemic; similar to the intention of many other online initiatives.

For more you can watch here.

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