The University “Ukshin Hoti” Prizren in partnership with DokuFest (International Documentary and Short Film Festival) and Innovation and Training Park (ITP) are organizing the first edition of Prizren International Summer School, thus connecting education and arts.  
ISS offers seven courses covering a wide range of study fields, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and engineering for smart cities; Agricultural and Food Policy in response to Covid-19 Crisis; Digital Marketing and Innovation during Covid-19 Period; Teaching through movies; Statistical Analysis; Transitional Justice in Kosovo: The Pursuit of Justice through Courts and Tribunals and English for employment purposes. 
In this edition, more than 200 students, professors and guests from 40 different countries of the world are participating.
Anna Richter from Germany is doing her masters in East European Studies, with the focus on International Law, and she enjoys the experience of Summer School, combined with the DokuFest activities.  
“It is not my first time in the region, but it is my first time in Kosovo. I always wanted to come here and when I found out about the summer school in Prizren and that they have the module for Transitional Justice I thought this would be a perfect opportunity, because I’m interested in Transitional Justice, in the law in the Western Balkans and I thought it would be interesting to learn it in Kosovo, and to have a different perspective. So far I had really good experience, I liked the topics we discussed during the Summer School, I like the activities and of course it’s amazing that we have access to DokuFest that we can watch any film, participate in DokuNights, and this creates a lot different experience. Especially for Transitional Justice we got a list of recommendations with films that are important to us, for example the whole category of Human Rights Dox, that additionally support what we learn in the course, and have further debates”.    
Amogh Jayaraj Rau from India is doing his masters in Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria and his domain is Artificial Intelligence so he was immediately attracted to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Engineering for smart cities course. But DokuFest is also a special event for him. “This is the first film festival that I’m attending as part of anything, so it’s my first experience ever. I’m very grateful for the Summer School to be organized during these days as I’m able to experience the study time during the day and the night life of Prizren during the night, so it is a combination of two best worlds. It has been fascinating”.   
Artan Qineti professor from the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra is proud to participate in the first edition of Summer School in Prizren, covering agriculture and food policy issues in the context of Covid pandemics and the war in Ukraine. According to him Prizren is the right place to connect education and arts. 
“I’m so glad about the fact that we are connecting here two big activities, one is educational the Summer School and the other one is artistic, DokuFest. It’s an ideal demonstration of fact that development comes from the education and arts, they increase not only the knowledge but also the standards of living. Impressions from the activities are wonderful, Prizren is ideal place to put these two aspect together. People are wonderful, hospitable and we have here colleagues, students from different countries, different backgrounds but they are coming together in an ideal place to exchange experiences and ideas”. 
Nol Krasniqi, professor at University of Prizren and member of organizing committee of the Summer School explained that more than 200 students from 40 countries all over the world are participating in this event. “It is our first edition, but with the support and experience from DokuFest and ITP, everything went well. By following their steps we achieved to fulfill our goal. We plan to continue the work for next edition together with our partners, DokuFest and ITP”. 
Located in the city of Prizren, University “Ukshin Hoti” was established in 2009 as the second public university in Kosovo.

Photo Credits: Elmedina Arapi