DokuFest ended its 20th edition welcoming everyone to the stage of Sonar Cinema in Prizren’s castle.

“Opa Cupa” and Cesare dell’Anna concluded the Sonic Nights cheerfully, while inviting everyone to dance their hearts out. As soon as they came on stage the audience up on their feet and enjoyed the music.

The ending of this year’s festival couldn’t be celebrated better than having everyone at the most stunning scenery of Prizren’s castle. This event was organized in collaboration with Hemingway Fan Club Albania, The Italian Cultural Institute in Tirana, and Embassy of Italy in Kosovo.

A celebratory closing night of dance, rhythms, and improvisations by the vibrant brass band ‘Opa Cupa’ and with their leading trumpeter and composer Cesare Dell’Anna.

The sultry sound of “Opa Cupa” is the sound of making a feast out of life. The band kept the audience on their toe’s song after song. “Opa Cupa” marks the first Balkan project born in Salento. The leader of this band Cesare dell’Anna invited many times people to dance to life, to freedom and it felt like a love letter to DokuFest.

Their story reflects in their music, the narratives immigration, departures, love life, separation and dismantling social frames. Everyone can feel the embrace of being accepted, while the band jumps to percussions, beating drums and firry saxophones. Experimenting is not their only forte, with their music “Opa Cupa” capture the essence of human being, ready to get a hold of any pleasure life offers you.

This was an emotional night too. After the award ceremony everyone who saw the films, who worked so hard on the festival were together as a big family in joy of having the possibility to do DokuFest all over again as before the pandemic.

The immense power of listening to such a direct sound which offers you the possibility to be carefree captures the spirit of this festival which is an open door for everyone who wants to dare to dream and make dreams come true.

During this year’s edition, dream, were mentioned several times, not just because it is a good metaphor for describing things we wish could happen, but because some of them came to life. And it was wonderful to witness.

That’s what “Opa Cupa” sing and play music about, the necessity to shatter borders and let everyone do what they most want to do in life. Their performance was one to remember.

Just like this year at DokuFest.

Thank you for coming! Keep on doing films, keep on dancing.

One down, many more to come!