"Serendipity" is the word by which English speakers refer to finding something good without looking for it. In fact, becoming a part of "DokuFest", the audience probably already knows that they are looking for good films, discussions and a series of activities, but when all of these are joined by music, the experience is truly one to remember.
Just like this Tuesday evening in the courtyard of "Kinema Lumbardhi" in which musical sounds occupied every space. It was the singer, Edona Vatoci, who with her powerful and at the same time angelic vocals shook the surrounding trees. Accompanied by the band "This is not" for about 2 hours, these artists gave the court soul from their soul of artists.
The singer Edona Vatoci emerged from a talent show, performed avant-garde music accompanied from time to time by rhythms known to everyone's ears and experienced by everyone present. A very special moment of the evening was the presence on stage of the singer Shpat Deda, who together with Edona performed, thus creating a fantastic duo of artists who can be considered lucky to hear in such a context.
The visual aspect, lights and other motifs that accompanied the concert were of course another feature that conveyed the night, which lasted and then continued with alternative electronic music, not to stop the party only at the performance of Edona and "This is not".
Promotion and cooperation with national artists in an international film festival is definitely another pleasure of "DokuFest" that one of its goals is to share with the attendees and the audience fragments of the identity and specificity of a country with so much diversity of cultures. It was quite easy to notice in the local attendees the pleasure and pride of listening on the stage of "DokuNights" artists whom they know, while among the foreign guests the curiosity to discover the surprises and the mystery of what the stage will bring was served.

Photo Credits: Xiaofu Wang