After the success of Samir Karahoda’s film about ping pong trainer and two senior players sacrifice to train young and passionate kids, in the Cannes Film Festival and, announced yesterday at the stage of Lumbardhi Bahçe, that this film will also participate in Toronto Film Festival, we also celebrate the amazing news that Leart Rama’s film Four Pills at Night had its global premiere in Locarno Film Festival.

The anticipated screening of these two films brought together a fully packed audience ready to watch history in the making. Saying it so, Karahoda is the first filmmaker to participate in many film festivals in the world such as Berlinale, Cannes and now in Toronto and Leart Rama shortly after he directed the film was accepted in Locarno. As Veton Nurkollari said: “This is not a coincidence, even though the last year has been tough on all of us, this is the best year for Kosovan cinematography”.

“Four Pills at Night” screened for the first time in Kosovo and Nurkollari gave us more insight on the making of this film: “This film was shot for two days, during a difficult time of global pandemic, and then edited for nearly one month, and right after that, the film scored its first success by participating in Locarno Film Festival.”

Nurkollari added: “This film was produced with limited financial resources. Do not think that all the people lined up here did this for profit, they did this film because they are passionate, courageous. In this small country, a lot of things can happen and Leart, Nita, the whole time showed dreams can come to life, there are opportunities to work hard, and you can do films that compete in major film festivals.”

While the whole team of contributors to the film rushed to the stage, Nita Deda, the producer of “Four Pills after Night” said: “I feel honoured to be here on this stage with all of you, and I want to thank DokuFest which relentlessly supported the making of this film. But not only for the support on this film, I want to thank you for all these 20 years and for opening your hearts to passionate people like Leart, like me. In DokuFest young filmmakers can find a safe space where they can work and learn and make their dreams come true.”

Leart Rama’s film visually narrates a story which is personal, but it affects and connects with so many more. Inspired by the rave scene in Prishtina, and his own personal input, this film is the film a generation which finally finds itself truthfully represented in cinema.

The director of “Four Pills after Night”, a DokuFest alumni shows that talent and dedication can truly flourish and there is space for any creative mind to do better and more.

Right after, was screened “Displaced” by Samir Karahoda, telling the real story of ping pong trainees in Prizren, doing their best to train kids who are passionate and who will someday, for sure compete in elite competitions.

After Veton Nurkollari announced the achievements of this film, how much it means to the city of Prizren and to Kosovar cinematography, he gave the word to Karahoda to express his sentiments: “The plot’s idea came to my mind many years ago while discussing with my friend Jeton. I would have never believed to be able to do this film after 15 years, but nothing had changed for the players who wanted spaces to train. So many things have not changed in Kosovo after the war, and I decided to do this movie hoping that something will eventually change.”

This year is truly a victory for Kosovar cinema, exploring new themes, and reaching new heights of success. Last night was about dreamers, who worked hard to make their dreams come true, and inspiring others to do the so much more.