The travelling musician’s, or better known as the oud master’s taste for groove never tires. With his exceptional jazz rhythms sounding like even beats and his voice retreating to give way to a music which arises with radiance, he makes some dreams last longer than others, and some premonitions feel like prophecies.

Dhafer Youssef and his enthralling, endless capacity for renewal offers the listener a golden opportunity to bear witness to new encounters, like so many musical colours that had never been imagined before. The art of sharing is one of fine alchemy that you will experience on August 8th at DokuFest’s Sonar Cinema Stage, where Dhafer will once more assert his talent for dream-like atmospheres that are built up with a real economy of notes.

Sounds of Mirror

Dhafer Youssef (oud, voice)
Eivind Aarset (guitar)
Raffaele Casarano (saxophones)
Adriano dos Santos (percussion)