Balkan Dox

‎People on Saturday

Menschen am Samstag

2020 — 10 min / Colour



A sunny Saturday afternoon in Zurich. In the middle of a crowded square, a businessman is lying on a bench, seemingly asleep. Someplace else, a teenager is longing for appreciation. A commuter is fighting the ticket machine. The film shows ten tableaus of everyday situations in the city. The people in it are getting confronted with small or big problems; each one of them is a Sisyphos, endlessly rolling the little stones of daily life up the mountain.

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Directors' Biography

Jonas Ulrich lives and works in Zurich. Since 2012 he has been working as author, director and editor for numerous short films, commercials and music videos. This mostly in close collaboration with his team at the production company Dynamic Frame, which he founded in 2013 together with Luzius Fischer. His short film HÖHENWAHN / THIN AIR (2018) was shown in Palm Springs and Warsaw (among others) and was nominated for the Zurich Film Award in 2019.

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Jonas Ulrich


Nicole Boner


Andi Widmer


Jonas Ulrich


Julian Joseph

Screenings & Awards

Locarno , Switzerland, 2020
Locarno Nominee for European Film Award

Uppsala, Sweden, 2020

Clermont-Ferrand , France, 2021

VIS, Vienna , Austria, 2021

Winterthur , Switzerland, 2020

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