Balkan Dox

Living Water

Žít vodu

Czech Republic, Jordan, Switzerland
2020 — 77 min / Colour



The vibration of machines echoes across the desert. Ever since Jordanian nomads settled in the spectacular landscape of Wadi Rum, they grew dependent on complex water infrastructure. The source is right below their feet, yet they struggle to meet basic needs. In the meantime, deep water extraction feeds private large-scale farms, animates visionary development and secures growing urban population. Bedouins, farmers and city dwellers: they all expect to have a fair share, but digging for “blue gold” unleashes environmental timebomb.

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Directors' Biography

Pavel Borecký (1986) is a documentary filmmaker and social anthropologist. After studying in Prague and Tallinn, he is now completing his doctoral studies in social anthropology in Bern. He is a co-founder of the research organisation Anthropictures and has conducted field research with them that focused on visual ethnobotany and community and urban development in Serbia, Peru, Estonia, and the Czech Republic.

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Pavel Borecký


Veronika Janatková

Pavel Borecký


Pavel Borecký


Pavel Borecký


John Grzinich

Screenings & Awards

Visions du Réel , Switzerland, 2021

CPH:DOX, Denmark, 2021

Ji.hlava IDFF, Czech Republic, 2020

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