Balkan Dox

The Legend of Santa

United Kingdom
2020 — 6 min / Colour



When a compassionate bishop sees that his woodcarving hobby has the ability to brighten a poor girl's life, he sets out on a journey to see that children everywhere have the same opportunity.

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Directors' Biography

Acclaimed writer-director Andrew de Burgh was born to an English father and Indian mother in Shrewsbury, a small town in the county of Shropshire, England. Inspired by the style of his favorite writer-director Christopher Nolan, de Burgh soon moved into writing and directing. In 2015, he directed his debut short film, the psychological thriller "Just One Drink", which he also wrote, produced and starred in opposite Barbara Nedeljakova. The film earned praise from critics, garnering a rare 100% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes and was distributed as an editor's pick by ShortsTV, the distributor behind each year's Oscar® Nominated Short Films. In 2017, he wrote and directed the black and while silent thriller short 'The Twisted Doll' which screened at several film festivals as well as the Virtual Reality horror short "Queen of Hearts".

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Andrew de Burgh


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Daniel Colyer

Andrew de Burgh