Balkan Dox



North Macedonia
2020 — 10 min / Colour



In a small mountain village, every summer the grandchild comes to his grandparents, where his days are immersed in the scent of the summer. His grandfather is playing kaval. The boy meets the kaval and the magic of its sound. What's hidden in this long pipe? Is the music inside? So he looks through the kaval toward the sky and feels the freedom and the joy of life. Unknowingly, he carries this moment within even when he grows up and gets alienated in the everyday life routines

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Directors' Biography

Sasa Stanisic is an independent director, producer and writer. He graduated World and Comparative Literature and Film and Tv directing in Skopje. He is assitant professor of Film and Digital Media at International University Europa Prima.

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Sasha Stanishik


Vangel Michevski