Balkan Dox

The Grocer's Son, the Mayor, the Village and the World

2020 — 111 min / Colour



In Lussas, in the South of France, a small group of people has gathered in an old house which used to be the town’s grocery store. Among the vineyards and orchards of cherry trees in blossom, a business is being set up that is quite unique in the rural world: an ultra-modern platform to broadcast independent documentary films on the Internet.

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Directors' Biography

Born in London in 1955, Caire Simon is a French scriptwriter, actress, cinematographer,editor and director. As a filmmaker she first directs independent shorts. Her best remembered films of the period are "La police" (1988) and "Scènes de ménage" in 1991, starring Miou-Miou. She then discovers the practice of 'direct cinema' with the Ateliers Varan and makes several documentaries such as "Les patients" (1989), At All Costs (1995) and Récréations (1998), which garner multiple awards.

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Petit à Petit Production


Luc Forveille


Vincent Brunier

Screenings & Awards

IDFA, Netherlands, 2020

RIDM, Montréal, Canada, 2020

True/False, United States, 2021

DOXA, Canada, 2021