Balkan Dox

The Flowers are Gone

Lulet mungojn

Albania, Greece
2020 — 15 min / Colour



In a small village called Drisht there are left very few people due to immigration. One of them is an elderly woman who is living her reality away from those she loves the most. Although the village and its people look like abandοned, nature is growing at its best and providing people with wealth.

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Directors' Biography

Ilma TyrbetariI was born in Albania and moved to Greece. She studied Filmmaking at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. While studying, she worked for the small film company anemiCinema. In 2017, she had a chance to be part of the production of a feature film, and in 2018 in 4 episodes series for the Greek National TV. Alexandros Kantoros was born in Greece in 1992. He has graduated from University of Aristotle. Kantoros has created several short films that have participated in many festivals. He also developed couple of art house cinema projects and recently he is working on analog still photography.

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Ilma Tyrbetari

Alexandros Kantoros


Ilma Tyrbetari


Emma Saroukou


Fotini Daifron


Athanasios Triantafyllidis