Balkan Dox

Those Who Drown Cling to Foam

Kush mytet kapet për shkume

2020 — 4 min / Colour



The animation Those Who Drown Cling to Foam shows that war can be a solitary experience. Amidst bomb strikes, a woman has her daily battles for food and survival. She roams the empty cityscapes that are disappearing day in and out with each bomb that falls.

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Directors' Biography

Urtina Hoxha is an illustrator and designer based in Prishtina. She was born in 1995, in a small town in Kosovo, called Suhareka. She has graduated from Graphic Design in the Faculty of Arts at the Public University of Prishtina, where currently she continues her master's studies. Her working experience as a designer and illustrator dates since her first year of studies, starting in a Motion and Design studio called “Kokrra”, for three years to continue in “Permanent” studio, since 2018, as designer and illustrator as well. During her studies, she was twice granted the award “Musli Mulliqi” for the best student of the year in her department. Her interest in animation started in 2016 when Urtina was part of the Anibar Animation Festival s Student Jury.

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Urtina Hoxha


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Edvin Susuri

Urtina Hoxha


Veton Bytyqi