The Infidel


Bosnia and Herzegovina
2019 — 63 min / Colour



A young Bosnian, raised in a radical islamist commune, is trying to rebuild his life after being accused of taking a part of a terrorist attack. THE INFIDEL is a feature documentary about a young man, Dino, who spent a part of his youth in a closed radical religious communes of “vahaby” movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His father, born as a son of a Bosnian catholic woman and a communist father had a hard time rebuilding his life after the war. Dino’s father meets members of a radical islamist group who presented him their version of religion as a salvation from sufferings. He becomes very radical, decides he has to leave their hometown which is too secular for him and takes his family, Dino, his two juvenile brothers and his mother to Maoča. Dino tries to fit in, spend his time hoarding goats and listening to music in the woods since in the village all music if strictly forbidden. Meanwhile he meets Mevlid, a man planning a terrorist attack on American Embassy in Sarajevo. Not knowing what Mevlid is up to, Dino drives him to Sarajevo and leaves him just before Mevlid started shooting at the Embassy. Dino spends few months in jail, renounces his religion and decides to go back in Bihać, his hometown, cut the ties with radical father and family and build a new life from scratch.

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Director Biography

Nejra Latić Hulusić is director and producer born, raised and currently based in Sarajevo. Graduated from directing department of Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. She is the founder and a member of HAVA SARAJEVO, where she directs and produces documentary and fiction films. As a director and a producer she was awarded by BDC “Balkan discoveries 2011” workshop for the pitching of UNDERCOVERED (SFF, ZagrebDox, Cottbus FF...) project in development. Directed a documentary film HER CINEMA LOVE which has been screened on the most important documentary film festivals such as HOTDOCS, Visions du Reel, DOK Leipzig, DokuFest, ZagrebDOX,...

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Nejra Latić Hulusić


Sabrina Begović Corić


Amel Djikoli


Adnan Musanović


Vanja Kurtović


Hava Sarajevo
Miroslava Krleže 3,
71000 Sarajevo, B&H
Nejra Latić Hulusić
[email protected]