Of Cats and Daughters

Mbi Macet Dhe Vajzat

Germany, Albania
2023 — 18' / Color


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Adea loves playing soccer with the boys and wearing short sports pants. However, her mom disapproves and forbids her to do so. Real girls don’t play football neither walk around dressed like little dudes. To escape her mother’s aggressive outbursts, she finds comfort in her granny’s loving companion. When one day Nona falls dead in the garden, Adea loses her one and only ally.

Director Biography

Elda Sorra is a German actress and filmmaker who was born 1978 in Tirana (Albania) and raised in Lemgo (Germany). She completed her training as an actress at the "Arturo Acting School" in Cologne from 2000 to 2004. Afterwards she was to be seen on various theatre stages, as well as in different film, cinema and TV productions. In addition, she realized her own artistic projects. “Of Cats and Daughters” is Sorra’s second short film, which was filmed in Albania.

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Elda Sorra


Elda Sorra


Julia Weingarten


Svenja Baumgärtner


Manja Ebert


Elda Sorra
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