International Feature Dox

Like an Island


2022 — 106' / Color



In the heat of the summer, two watchmen secure the river that runs through a neighbourhood in Lausanne. Ammar is new to the job, and Daniel shares his experience with him. During their rounds and encounters with the inhabitants, they observe and are observed, while bonds are being formed. And the question arises: what could have happened by the river?

Director Biography

Tizian Büchi, a graduate of the University of Lausanne in the history and aesthetics of cinema and of the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD – Belgium) in directing, he works as a distributor for the Zurich-based company Look Now!, as a teaching assistant in the cinema department of the HEAD in Geneva and as a programmer for various festivals including the NIFFF in Neuchâtel, the Locarno Festival, and currently for the Solothurn Days and the Kurzfilmtage in Winterthur. After “We said we would go all the way up” and “The Season of Silence”, “The Island” is his first feature film.


Tizian Büchi


Britta Rindelaub

Thomas Reichlin


Camille Sultan

Diana Vidrascu


Malena Demierre

Thomas Marchand


Adrien Kessler

Yatoni Roy Cantu

Official Film Website


Alva film
Thomas Reichlin and Britta Rindelaub,
10 rue de la Colline, CH – 1205 Geneva
[email protected]