The feature documentary “REXHEP – What Killed the Architect” was screened on Sunday within the 21st edition of DokuFest. 
This is a film about the life and work of architect and urbanist Rexhep Luci, and the story of Prishtina, the city he loved and where he was murdered in September 2000. The documentary follows his personal and professional relationship with the city, from his dedication to urban growth during the Yugoslav period to his determination to prevent illegal construction in the post-war period. His niece, Besa, leads us through his life and Prishtina’s development through intimate conversations with family and Rexhep’s former colleagues, while following an architectural intervention on the street that bears his name. The documentary explores what puts a halt to an architect.
The world premiere of this feature documentary took place in Kino Bahce, and as the rain poured the audience was patient enough to follow the screening that moved to Lumbardhi Indoor. 
Director Mathieu Jouffre in the beginning of the Q&A session thanked the audience for watching the film until the end despite the interruption. He explained the decision making process to make this film.  
“We had so many questions… I came here 10 years ago, did another film. I knew the story of Rexhep, and it was obvious that it’s time to ask what not who (killed him). So we needed to open the Pandora box. It was a feeling like let’s face it and go ahead and try to do a film about that. That’s why the working title was What Killed the Architect, but then we thought it’s better to put his name in it… I don’t think we have all the answers but I think it’s a blank page and we altogether, the society, we have to go through that. That’s what we are trying to do, that’s what film is made for”. 
Producer Besa Luci admitted that during discussion with the director Mathieu Jouffre decided that this was the moment to make a film about her uncle. 
“You here bits and pieces of stories but there is always a bit of a barrier or just something standing in the way of actually truly talking about it. So it was quite a challenge to do it and also to do it on camera, and to be in that kind of position when you are trying to understand and learn about somebody that is a huge part of your life, although they are not there. Because I do think that my uncle memory has shaped a lot my relationship with the city everyday whether in conscious or subconscious way, I think it’s always there. So I’m grateful that through the film I got to know him”.   
She says that the question WHAT regarding her uncle’s case is always with her, especially when the city of Prishtina is mentioned. 
“Ultimately he was murdered because of his love for the city”. She also wonders what would have happened to the city if he was not murdered. 
The documentary "REXHEP – What Killed the Architect” will be screened again on Friday, August 12 from 16:00 at Lumbardhi Indoor.

Photo Credits: Agon Dana