DokuFest’s for the ninth year in a row invited youngsters who wanted to make a film of their own in its film school program. On the second week of January, those who participated in this program developed their ideas for films and got to know better the process and dedication one must have to visually represent a story.

“Lokja” by Jon Nila, “Father’s Path” by Alba Cikaqi, “Hope” by Lyra Pozhegu, “Time” by Endri Maloku, “Night Out” by Future is Here Collective, “Bushi” by Hana Sedolli and Ben Gorani were screened yesterday at 20th edition of DokuFest.

Their diligence and perspective were reflected in each of the works which show another face of Kosovo’s youth: one that is inspired to do more and better and treat with great responsibility delicate themes, be them their own family stories, their personal experiences, or stories that in a way belong to everyone.

The head of DokuLab, Eroll Bilibani, after all the short films were presented said: “Future is here”.

“I want to congratulate the main leader of this project Blerta Zeqiri, and everyone who has supported all of you while your stay in Prizren, where you have made new friends. This is the first generation who worked all together in one film “Night Out”. We for sure will keep going on to do more work like this with Future Is Here Collective.”

There is something special about “Night Out” because every one of the participants got involved as a team to create this film. The plot is simple: A few friends are having a drink after a long time of quarantine. Drink after drinking they open to each other from topics such a mainstream music, to national problems and then after to the matters of the heart. It is refreshing to see the simplicity in which visuals after visuals unfold while exploring and grasping the nostalgic way everyone used to do things.

All the young directors who spoke at the Q&A after the screening expressed gratitude and the pleasure to have worked so hard on these projects.

Witnessing the future of the cinematography of Kosovo has a different feel while Leart Rama, a contributor to DokuLab who also attended this program, is now in Locarno Film Festival presenting his film “Four Pills at Night”.

This film school is part of a major project trying to introduce films to the educational system in the Balkans and is supported by NED (National Endowment for Democracy).

If you want to be part of the next year’s film school at DokuFest, stay tuned in all DokuFest’s website and social media to learn more.