DokuFest is widely known for its carefully selected programme of short films and documentaries but also for outstanding nights of qualitative music which make the nights spent in Prizren even more memorable. Yesterday, was nothing short of a memorable night of love and dance while Hercules and Love Affair jumped in the stage of Lumbardhi cinema. 
Hercules and Love Affair brought a steady rhythm, echoey sounds and upbeats motifs that sent the audience closer while dancing.
The band is widely known for their dance and upbeat sounds while offering an ecosystem of grace and antiquity to their songs. Though their muse might have a modern flare, still the songs seem to have a profound connection with the lyrical traditions of the past when music was used to express a much-needed sense for communication with a higher force.
That is how the crowd at Lumbardhi felt last night, a one corpus moving through the mighty wind in tune with the expressive music of this band. The lead singer kept inviting us to dance while admitting that his sound might have a bit of sadness too. 
In the same line with this year’s theme of DokuFest – how to survive – music more than any art form has helped people to connect more with their inner sense of making a place of their own on this Earth.
The crowd joined forces with their hands up in the air while Hercules and Love Affair started to play “Blind” a song about finding you own inner strength to fight and belong in this world in a palpable way.
Lights kept waving from skin to skin, connecting the crowd as whole dancing body. The night is truly very young in Prizren, that is why Hercules and Love Affair was called twice to the stage to perform just one more time as an act of shared love for their music.
In the end, everybody headed into the night with a memorable memento of this amazing performance while chanting loudly the lyrics of one of the Hercules and Love Affair songs: “You, me: it’s all I want”.
The music programme of DokuFest promises rising emotions and nights to be remember. Check the schedule to uncover and attend more of DokuNights this week.

Photo Credits: Elmedina Arapi