The Most Beautiful Country in the World

Das schönste Land der Welt

Austria/Croatia/SloveniaSerbia, 2018, 101 min, Colour

The film follows a group of young migrants in Vienna who break through the administrative labyrinths of checkings and gaining status and residence. We see their anxieties, mutual encouragement and achievements - while mastering the foreign language, they demonstrate skills in their professions, clarity and knowledge on entrance exams for schools and universities. It is also a story about new and old friendships, about the feeling of freedom in the new environment, without the pressure of war threats and the patriarchal stance of the family life.



Želimir Žilnik


Peter Roehsler


Peter Roehsler


Vuk Vukmirović


Günther Tuppinger


Želimir Žilnik (born in 1942; living and working in Novi Sad, Serbia) has written and directed numerous feature and documentary films which have reaped many awards at domestic and international film festivals. From the very beginning his films have focussed on contemporary issues, featuring social, political and economic assessments of everyday life (A Newsreel on Village Youth in Winter (1967), Little Pioneers (1968), The Unemployed (1968), June Turmoil (1968), Black Film (1971), Uprising in Jazak (1972).


Italy, 2019, Trieste FF,

Trieste FF, Italy 2019 -

Portugal, 2018, DocLisboa,

DocLisboa, Portugal 2018 -

Argentina, 2018, Mar del Plata IFF,

Mar del Plata IFF, Argentina 2018 -

Croatia, 2018, Zagreb - Human Rights FF,

Zagreb - Human Rights FF, Croatia 2018 -

Serbia, 2018, Belgrade - Auteur FF,

Belgrade - Auteur FF, Serbia 2018 -


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