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DokuFest joined forces with the local Kosovo operators to bring closer to you the real Kosovo experience. We believe that is the right time to take this to a new level. Dokufest its not anymore only about Prizren and its surroundings. DokuFest in deed associates with Kosovo and Kosovo associates with DokuFest this for we are proudly bringing Kosovo closer to you through fantastic tours provided by our hand picked and experienced tour operators from all corners of the country. Take a day and visit Peja, Prishtina, or Gjakova, walk through their bazaars and have the world’s best macchiato. Hike the incredible “Accursed Mountains” or climb the Via Ferrata, visit medieval fortresses or world heritage sites do what you like the most and don’t forget Prizren the crown jewel of Kosovo.



Airtour is among the most experienced operators in Kosovo and the region. We provide the best service based on our long experience and tradition, in offering a cultural and culinary experience that you will remember and share with your closest friends and family. All our customers left the region with the most positive impression. We invite you to be part of our unforgettable adventure.

Address: St. Bill Clinton #32,
10000 Prishtinë
Tel: +381 38 22 66 36, Mob: +377 44 511 99 Fax: +381 38 22 66 34
Email: info@airtour.net,
Web: www.airtour.net



After a dozen years managing major marketing campaigns in Kosovo, Uta Ibrahimi made an executive decision. Run to the light. Her light? Exploring the beautiful landscape throughout her home, Kosovo, a small and mountainous spot on the Balkan peninsula in Southeastern Europe. Today, Uta—a certified mountaineer, who has hiked, cycled, and climbed every corner of the country—shares that passion for adventure travel through her company: Butterfly Outdoor Adventure.

Address: St. Ilaz Agushi 4, 10000 Prishtinë Tel: + 386 49 873 378
Email: info@butterflyoutdoor.com
Web: www.butterflyoutdoor.com



We operate from the beautiful town of Peja in western Kosovo. With many years of experience in outdoor activities and adventure sports, with us, you can experience the best of the hiking and trekking, mountaineering and alpine climbing. For the ones with more of an adventurous spirit rock climbing and via ferrata are just the right adventures, let’s not forget, we offer cave treks and explorations, mountain biking, cycling and much much more. If you are looking for something more relaxing, we would love to take you for a cultural tour around Peja and the Dukagjini Valley. We help you create and customize meaningful, authentic, safe and fun travel.

Address: “Ismail Qemajli” – 10A,
30000 Pejë
Tel: +377 44 22 13 65 +386 49 168 566; +4478 01 947 007
Email: outdoorksinfo@gmail.com
Web: www.outdoorkosova.com



Balkan Natural Adventure, based in Peja, Kosovo, offers hiking, climbing, caving, and cultural tourism in Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro. The company was formed by the members of Kosovo’s climbing association, Marimangat e Pejes, in order to provide professional services to those interested in exploring the Rugova region near Peja and beyond. While we have a variety of ready-made packages, we are happy to work with you to tailor any trip to the region to suit your needs.

Email: info@bnadventure.com, Tel: +38649661105
Web: www.bnadventure.com



Mountain Exploring Kosova was founded after ten years of experience in hiking, climbing, mountain biking and guiding for various groups through mountains of Koso- vo and the whole Balkan’s. We try to keep our organization connected to nature and in line with the long term sustainable development goals of tourism. Our main activities are recreational trekking and hiking, climbing, mountain biking, camping, rafting, etc. Experience the beauty of Kosovo and explore the unspoiled leaving no trace.

Facebook: Mountain Exploring Kosova and Besnik Dujaka
Email: bes_dujaka@yahoo.com
Tel/Viber: +37744799019
Gjakovë, KOSOVË



Outdoor In works in the promotion of active tourism in Zubin Potok municipality. Tap into your sense of adventure in Zubin Potok with via ferrata experience, an activity that lets you climb to unprecedented heights. For the ones that would like to try more, we are pleased to take you on a hike on our unspoiled mountains or for a paragliding trip. If you prefer water sports Gazivode lake is a perfect place for still water kayaking lovers while for adrenaline seekers kayaking on Ibar river offers a real challenge with its rapid flows and whirlpools.

Email: office@ibarski-kolasin.org
Tel: +381654569093; +37744 544 936 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ OutdoorIn2013/
Web: www.ibarski-kolasin.org



Novo Bërdo, Kosovo’s smallest municipality, is pleasantly small in size with an enticing natural environment for travelers to explore. A great weekend escape from Prizren! Come experience the countryside of Kosovo in Novo Bërdo and its unique 13th century fortress. We offer comfortable accommodation with healthy, traditional, organic food in a rural and relaxing environment. Enjoy the outdoors and experience nature hiking or mountain biking or even a session of paintball with your friends.

Address: Village Bostane, Novo Bërdo Tel: +377 44 465 471
E-mail: rural.tourism.nb@gmail.com; Web: www.tourism-novoberdo.com



Discover Kosovo with Sharri Ecotour. Sharri Ecotour operates from the town of Prizren and offers the best of the hiking and trekking, mountaineering and alpine climbing
in the green massif of Sharr mountains. Since you are in Prizren, you should take ad- vantage of the relaxing cultural tour of the Jerusalem of the Balkans, the seat of the Albanian League of Prizren, the town of four religions and much more languages and dialects. Dare to explore the Prizren region and its vine country in the nearby Rahovec.

Tel: +377 45 344 091
Address: St. Farkëtarëve 143 20000 Prizren, KOSOVË
Email: sharrioutdoor@gmail.com
Websites: http://www.sharriecotour.com



With Catun, you will have the opportunity to explore the region’s high alpine peaks and experience the summer kiss of the Mediterranean sun, all while hiking and biking across some truly historic routes. Come with us and experience for yourself the famed hospitality of the region, as you share a Turkish coffee and listen to the stories of its people — from the simple and relatable to the extraordinary and mythic. We dare you not to be changed after your adventure in the Balkans with Catun.

Address: Str. Rifat Berisha 22/10, 10000 Prishtinë
Tel: +386(0)49503050
Email: info@catun.net
Web: www.catun.net