July 13th, 2017

We are super-happy to welcome our dear friends and travellers Vincent Moon and Priscilla Telmon at the upcoming DokuFest, for a spiritual journey into trance-cinema, music and rituals.

Moon and Telmon will be presenting a series of events at the festival, including two live-cinema rituals to showcase their latest “Híbridos” project, a three-year ethnographic research into Brazilian spiritualties and the largest visual and sonic archive ever made on the culture of the south American giant. From the largest catholic procession in the world to a never before seen indigenous ritual in the Mato Grosso, from healing ceremonies in spiritist centers to Ayahuasca-driven avant-garde rituals in Rio de Janeiro, Híbridos is a live cinema experience shaped by the audience, connecting reality and imagination, symbolic and factual, technology and nature, body and mind, in a celebration of trances nowadays.

The couple will also lead a master-class exploring various forms of hybrid arts nowadays, nomadic cinema, new technologies and shamanic techniques, using footage and music shot all over the world. The lecture will open questions of the hybrid in ourselves and society at large – in between traditional medicine and new technologies, shamans and hackers, ancient rituals and new interpretations of them, to allow us to develop towards an open-form of society allowing hybrid identities for a better future together.

By the end of the festival, the artists will create a film in Prizren that would include the local sacred Sufi ritual. They will edit this footage with their own music ethnographic films in real-time, adding singing and various instrumentation to the sacred rituals as well as the magical live singing of our very own Agona Shporta, developing a new form of trans-cinema concert to be held at the fortress overlooking the city.

Schedule of the events will follow up on our website. We suggest you not miss any of the soul-wandering events and be sure to make them a journey within.